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Recreation Programme – April Report

Posted by Mary on

April has been another good month for the Recreation Programme. The warmer weather has meant that both groups have been able to enjoy more outdoor activities and have taken full advantage of it! We’re not in danger of heat stroke quite yet, but the sunnier days have meant a return to some of our favourite activities.


Running up to take a shot on goal

The Friday group have particularly enjoyed the return to games of football to round off the day or between activities. They’re getting better and better – to the extent that support worker Spindle had to be subbed out of goal last week to stop them embarrassing him! I’ll have to keep volunteering to take the action shots so that they don’t find out just how hopeless I am!
The better conditions allowed both groups to have a trip out on the Tay with our friends at Taymara. It was the Monday group’s first every trip out on ‘Badger’ and while it was still too early for dolphin spotting I’m told they had a great time skippering the boat. The skills that the Friday group had learned over the winter were put to the test as they were taken out on a trip to identify various cardinal markers. They did themselves proud, earning perfect marks.

The Monday group handling a snake at the Five Sisters Zoo

Other activities this month include barge rides, go-karting, a visit to Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and tubing. Both groups continue to challenge themselves and try new things. Whether animal handling or tubing (backwards!) each member of the group has overcome a personal challenge and been given a boost in confidence because of it. We’re very proud of all of them!
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