Evening Activities

“Our virtual programme has enabled us to connect more often with our service users and offer them more opportunities each week. A lot of services have been reduced across Fife but at Options In Life we are trying to do even more” Rob – Projects Coordinator

Our aim for 2022-23 is to run activities across 5 days and 5 evenings every week. As part of this aim, we have created a fantastic evening programme of activities. Some activities are seasonal and may not run during winter months.

Cookery Club

Our supported Kitchen Safety and Basic Cooking Skills classes run two evenings a week during term time, in partnership with Fife College. The classes cover health and safety in the kitchen and food hygiene as well as planning, preparing and cooking a meal. Sometimes our young chefs prepare and cook their own meal, and on other occasions they work as a team, preparing different courses to share.

The participants then enjoy the social aspect of sitting down at the end of each session and eating the meal together, before clearing up and doing the laundry.

Cycling Club

We are incredibly fortunate to have a fleet of adapted bikes to suit all. Each week (not during winter) Options In Life staff take a group of service users to the off-road tracks at Tentsmuir Forrest. The group enjoy wonderful scenery, exciting and quiet cycling routes and the company of each other.

Craft Club

Many of our service users have a flare for crafts and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of working in a craft workshop. Each week, our budding crafters visit a local craft workshop and work alongside an inspiring professional to create craft masterpieces. Each session is themed to the time of year or a particular project of interest. Our crafters spend a couple of hours chatting and working on their craft skills. We are always blown away by what they can make each week.

Virtual Classes

Established during lockdown, our online programme was a way for our service users to interact together and have something to occupy their time. Over the months, these classes became a staple for our young people and as our regular services resumed it was clear that these classes had to stay.

Service users register for classes in advance and whatever resources are required are sent by post. We try to offer a variety of activities which include Yoga, Pilates, crafts, quizzes and science experiments.

If you would like to find out more about any of our evening courses, please CONTACT US.