WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN Membership is free. Options In Life needs your support, whoever you are, and if you are a parent or carer of someone who has additional needs then Options In Life can help support you as well as the person you care for. Please sign up today.

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We have two main Fundraising themes:

  • Funding for our Options in Life’s operation and development, and;
  • Funding for people and activities.

For Option in Life – While we don’t ask for membership fees we do need funds.  We propose running events throughout the year to raise operational resources and we will use that fundraising and grant funding to invest in developments.  We are grateful to those Trusts and Charities who have already invested and we have many ideas in development which we expect will appeal to further funders and help us develop.  Do take a look at the “Events & Donations” and “Grant Funding” sections in the drop downs on this tab.
For People and Activities – We will be looking at all forms of fundraising.
Keep an eye on the drop down list on this tab for details and watch for prompts in the News and Discussion forum sections.  We expect you will find some interesting ideas and plans as we develop.  Whatever we do we are likely to need volunteers to organise the plans and activities.

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