Volunteering Opportunities

Recreation Programme Volunteer Support Workers

The purpose of our Recreation Programme is to promote social inclusion, group activities, sport and exercise and to help develop social and life skills. Our young adults participate in challenging and character building activities like canoeing, cycling, sailing, go karting, rock climbing and animal handling. We choose these particular types of activity to help stretch our service users’ abilities, improve confidence, life experiences and ultimately their chances of becoming functioning members of the community. The emphasis is on team building and learning to support each other – but more especially on enjoying life and having fun…

We are looking for volunteers who have an interest in helping people with disabilities, to help support the groups and make the experience enjoyable by boosting confidence, encouraging communication and interaction with peers, promoting independence, and ensuring the safety of participants. This is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of these young people, who do not have the same opportunities to experience what the rest of us take for granted

If you can spare one or two days a month, and think you might be interested – or would like more information, please CONTACT US

Thank you !