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Family Nights with Options In Life

Our Family Nights are a great opportunity for young people with special and complex needs to meet and socialise. They are open to everyone, not just members of our Recreation Programme, and it’s always great to see new faces! These events also allow the young people’s parents and supporters the chance to meet and get to know others who are in a similar position to themselves.

We aim to run a variety of activities so that there is something for everyone to enjoy: in the past we have held fancy dress parties, bowling and karaoke nights which have all been a huge hit! We organise the activities in such a way that, while parents are welcome to join in, they can also sit, have a chat and get to know each other secure in the knowledge that their child is having fun and enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

DG12_groupThese nights give the young people a chance to socialise and make new friends with people from a variety of backgrounds in a safe environment and to have fun without fear of judgement. So far they have been very successful and we hope to carry on holding them regularly and to continue to meet new people though them.

We aim to hold these events around once a month in locations around Fife in order to ensure that they are regularly accessible to all our members. We try to incorporate a variety of activities, but if there is one which we haven’t held and which you believe might be suitable please let us know – we’re always looking for suggestions! For more information contact us or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Please note that these events are unsupported and that all young people must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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