Recreation Programme Information

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Our target support group is adults aged 18 – 30 years. This allows the group members to form friendships and bonds with people of a similar age and similar interests.

We welcome young adults who have learning disabilities and additional support needs, keen to be active and get involved in lots of fun activities. Many members of our groups at the moment are on the autism spectrum. Everyone in the groups has difficulty with communication, social interaction, understanding, in some way and coping with life skills in general.

The focus of our Recreation Programme is to make friends and have fun, while pushing the boundaries by trying new and challenging activities and encouraging team work and mutual support. The programme runs 3 days a week. The group activities are designed to build confidence and self esteem, by encouraging the members to try something new and to support each other to achieve their goals. Activities include everything from watersports to rock climbing, survival skills to animal handling, as well as visits to science centres and museums.

We have our own minibus and the groups’ central meeting point is at the railway station, Cupar, but we also pick up and drop off in Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Leven. This is dependent on the needs of those attending at the moment and therefore, if the groups change, we will consider new locations that are more suitable.

It is the responsibility of the individual (or a parent/carer) to ensure they get to the arranged meeting point safely, and that they are able to get home from the drop off point at the end of the day. Our support staff cannot take responsibility for the group members before pick up or getting home after drop off.

All group members (service-users, staff, volunteers) are asked to wear an Options In Life T-shirt and hoodie and carry a Options In Life backpack when out with the group. With such a big group and the busy environments we sometimes visit, this is important for our staff to keep the group together and easily identify each other. These items are issued either before or on your first trip.

If you or someone you know would benefit from joining our Recreation Programme, or you would like more information, please CONTACT US.