Welfare Reform (changes to benefits)

Welfare Reform is the heading used for changes to welfare benefits currently being made by the UK Government. These are intended to make the system simpler, reduce dependency on benefits and get more people working. Some changes are already in place, but the majority will be introduced over the coming months through the Welfare Reform Act.

Changes include:
  • Incapacity Benefit recipients will undertake a Work Capability Assessment as part of moving onto Employment Support Allowance
  • Single parents will be considered available for work when their youngest child turns 5
  • A Personal Independence Payment will be introduced in place of the Disability Living Allowance
  • A new single monthly payment called “Universal Credit” will replace a number of separate benefit payments
  • Changes to Housing benefit will be included in Universal Credit
  • The main method of applying for benefits will be online
  • New conditions and sanctions will be attached to benefit payments
  • Nationally appointed companies will help get those on benefits into work (this is the “Work Programme”).

Further information at:
Fife Rights Forum: http://www.fiferights.org/welfare-reform
Dept for Work and Pensions: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/welfare-reform/