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Fife Carers Centre

Fife Carers Centre provides help and support to unpaid carers of people with all types of illness and disabilities throughout Fife.

The care that unpaid carers provide varies enormously.  Carers can find themselves juggling work and family life along with their caring role. They may be caring for a spouse living with dementia, a child with learning disabilities, a brother with cancer or a neighbour who is elderly and frail and no longer able to cope on their own. They may find themselves visiting someone they normally care for in residential care or hospital and having to make decisions on their behalf.

Lots of carers face similar difficulties: financial, physical, mental and emotional.
At Fife Carers Centre we believe that by supporting carers in a wide variety of ways we can help them sustain their caring roles.
See Also – Fife Carers Emergency Card.  To find out more click here.

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