Our Employability Group Needs YOU!

After a tough couple of years, we are now running most of our projects and programmes again with a few COVID friendly tweaks. In recent times we have witnessed a number of Services that support adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs either shut their doors forever or drastically reduce the services that they provide. We refuse to do that at Options In Life and strive to implement new initiatives and increase opportunities for young adults to get involved with our charity.

Our employability group offers wide reaching and ever changing experiences such as Alpaca farming, horticulture and botany courses, working creatively with glass and many other exciting opportunities. We are now recruiting more young adults to join this project and enjoy the varity of courses on offer.

These courses are usually 6-8 week blocks running every Wednesday within the Fife area. Each block course is designed to give hands on experience in a real life working environment. The experience and skills that participants learn on these courses can help secure other voluntary and paid employment or be the beginnings of a new love or hobby.

If you know of anyone, or you would like more information about our Employability Group contact Liz at liz.optionsinlife@gmail.com