Summer Fun with the Recreation Programme

It’s been an exciting summer so far for our Recreation Programme groups!

We’ve been able to take advantage of the warmer weather to fit in more outdoor activities, and this year we have expanded the number of organisations we work with to provide our groups with an even more varied and enriching programme of activities.

Options In Life Friday Group Pic 1
Kayaking with the Tay and Earn Trust

We have embarked on a programme of activities with the Tay and Earn trust which is shaping up to be a fantastic success. Our groups have taken part in kayaking, archery, bee keeping and raft building and will take part in further activities over the summer including field archery and cobble boating. Each group has been split into teams and awarded points based not only on their performance in the tasks, but also on things such as their teamwork, communication and sportsmanship. Not only has everyone been learning new skills, but this has encouraged our young people to focus on working with one another to create solutions. It’s been great fun so far, and we’re really looking forward to the rest of our activities!

With our wooden pigs made with the Murton Trust

We have also been having a great time with the Murton Trust, learning how to take care of some of the animals on their farm including rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and donkeys. We also took part in workshops to learn woodwork, creating our own garden ornaments in the shape of pigs.
Some of our favourite activities have also been on the cards. Climbing with Alien Rock in Edinburgh is always a hit and our groups have been reaching new heights as they grow in confidence and skill. Using the ‘bell ringer’ belaying technique, they have been working to support one another to climb with instructor supervision.

Trips to Tank Driving Scotland, Bannockburn and Combat City have been relatively recent additions to our Recreation Programme, but ones which our groups have been really enthusiastic about. They have pushed service users and staff alike out of our comfort zone and given us the opportunity to work on team work, communication and learning new skills.


Map reading with Taymara

We have also been expanding on our programme with Taymara, a local maritime charity which we have long been involved with. The addition of their new boat, Mistlethrush, has given our groups a new way to enjoy sailing on the Tay, watching the local pod of dolphins put on amazing acrobatic displays. Through Taymara, we have also been able to visit the North Carr Lightship and learn about it’s fascinating history. While there, we were given lessons in seamanship, including how to tie knots and what the different markers we see when sailing mean.

So far, it has been a fantastic year for our Recreation Programme, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with these fantastic local organisations while also expanding to incorporate new activities.