Cooking Up A Storm thanks to the Big Lottery Fund

Options In Life have teamed up with Fife College to run an exciting new cookery course. The IMAG1445course will run for 36 weeks, with two groups of service users taking part on different evenings. We are very grateful to the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All for funding this venture and to Fife College for being so hospitable.

The course will focus on teaching the basics of cookery, food hygiene and safety in the kitchen, with the aim of increasing our students’ skills and confidence. Being able to prepare even basic meals safely is hugely important in allowing our service users to feel independent and increase their confidence. So far they have produced some delicious-looking fajitas, macaroni cheese and brownies, to name just a few. They have been enjoying themselves immensely and some have even gone on to recreate the recipes at home.IMAG1470
As ever, the social aspect of the activity is extremely important to us. We have found that, after leaving education, young people with disabilities find it difficult to meet new people and have few opportunities to make new friends. In addition to teaching new skills, the sessions have been designed to give students the opportunity to get to know one another, with time set aside for them to sit down and eat the food they have prepared. Even in the first few weeks the have started to become more outgoing and comfortable in one another’s company, building new relationships.

Ultimately, we aim to help our young people develop their life skills, from cooking to working with others, which will be of use to them in all aspects of their lives. Whether they become more confident helping out at home, start cooking for themselves or even go on to find employment, we are very proud of the progress they are already making. Most of all, we hope they have a great time doing something fun and making new friends.