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Recreation Programme – March Report

Posted by Mary on

Last month was a very exciting time for our Recreation Programme! Our new Monday group got off to a flying start with trips to Dundee Science Centre, Camperdown Wildlife Centre and Noah’s Ark. Despite some shyness in the beginning, the group quickly became more comfortable with each other and began to open up a bit more. Bowling and go-karting in particular have proven to be favourite activities!


The Monday group at Camperdown Wildlife Centre

The group also had their first visit to Taymara for a trip out on to the Tay in the hopes of spotting some dolphins. Unfortunately, there were none to be found but the group did get a chance to familiarise themselves with the boat and the crew. The Recreation Programme has already had great success working with Taymara to develop maritime skills and trips to see them are a great favourite with our other participants.
The Friday group have had an exciting month too, with visits to the Scottish Owl Centre, Noah’s Ark and the Scottish Deer Centre. They continue to grow braver and more adventurous and are increasingly willing to try new things. For many of us, one of the highlights of the month was when one of our most timid members was convinced to give tubing a try – and absolutely loved it! It was a reminder for all the staff of just how far the whole group have come – it’s easy to forget that they weren’t always fearless thrill-seekers!

Learning about navigation with Taymara

The Friday group have also been continuing their outings with Taymara. Their last couple of visits have taken on a slightly different format: not only have they been given the opportunity to learn to sail Badger’s big sister, ‘Marigot’, but they have learned more about the history of Taymara’s boats and even begun to learn more about seamanship, including knot tying and navigation. The group are becoming increasingly confident and hope to be able to use their new skills on an excursion in the summer!
If you think you or someone that you know would  be interested in becoming involved in our Recreation Programme you can contact us. For weekly updates like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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