Self Directed Support Bill

The Self Directed Support (Scotland) Bill has completed Stage 1 and 2 of the parliamentary process.  The Scottish Parliament will consider the Bill at Stage 3 on Wednesday 28 November.

The governments web page: provides in depth information, papers and publications on this subject.
The website, of course, paints a positive picture of the Bill and essentially implies that it is active right now.

Although no one disputes the fact that the Bill will become an act of parliament and therefore law in due course and the governments website presents as an accurate picture of the outcome as can be expected, you should be aware that Local Authorities as the implementing authorities are not fully geared up to deliver SDS across their whole area.  In most, if not all, cases Local Authorities are only piloting in small parts of their area, what they expect the Act will require them to do when it is passed by parliament.

The odd part of this legislation is that the act will largely empower (but then require) Local Authorities to do, what they already could do without the act.