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Fairway Fife

Fairway Fife works with Young Adults between 16-25 years old who have a  learning disability.  To work with the young adults Fairway Fife recruit volunteer peer mentors who support them in activities and provide them with the opportunity to socialise and form friendships with their Peers.
Fairway Fife provides a service which recognises that all people have their own unique gifts and strengths to contribute positively to their own community.
The aim is to encourage Young Adults to strive to live their dreams through the support of young non-disabled adults of the same age.
Making a positive difference, by recruiting professionally supported committed volunteers (Peer Mentors) who can help our Young Adults access the everyday experiences that non-disabled Young Adults will take for granted. This could be as simple as going bowling, shopping, clubbing or just ‘hanging out’ with a pizza and a dvd- chatting about everyday issues most young adults will face.
Other benefits gained  are the many opportunities available to Peer Mentors, such as the opportunity to complete Youth Acheviement Awards, Millennium Volunteer Awards, Points towards Degree courses etc. – not to mention, making new friends and having fun.

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