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What is our Recreation Programme?

IMG_8466Our Recreation Programme is a social inclusion service for adults with learning disabilities in Fife.  Currently the Programme runs on Mondays and Fridays, providing a range of exciting and challenging activities. Each outing is fully supported by our trained staff and volunteers, who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

We run a variety of activities including sailing, rock climbing, canoeing, cycling, hill walking and more. We choose these particular types of activity because they stretch our participants abilities, helping them to improve their self-confidence, their experiences and ultimately their chances of improving their lives outside our programme.

IMG_9093Since the programme has begun, we have seen an improvement in confidence and self-esteem – noticed not only by our staff and volunteers, but also parents, advocates and the service-users themselves.  This may be due to the opportunity to make friends within a group of people facing difficulties of a similar nature, to no longer being isolated from the world and also in having something to look forward to every week.  The programme has given them opportunities to try new things and learn new skills, helping them to realise that they can achieve and do much more than they thought they could.


They are building skills and overcoming fears with every outing, challenging themselves and each other to try new things.

For more information about our Recreation Programme or if you would like to get involved please Contact Us.




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