Exemptions and Relief Options

Council Tax and Housing Benefits

Careworker (Fife Council Link)
A discount can be awarded if someone is living with the person that they are caring for and the care is provided for at least 35 hours per week.  The person being cared for must be in receipt of the highest rate of Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance (Care Component).  The person must not be the carer’s partner or child under 18.  Alternatively, you can apply for a discount on your council tax if a member of your household is a Careworker.  Careworkers are people employed, usually by a charity or local authority, to provide care.

Child Benefit Over 18 (Fife Council Link)
You may qualify for a council tax discount on your council tax bill as you are in receipt of Child Benefit for a member of your household who is above 18 years of age.

Disablement Relief (Fife Council Link)
If there is someone (an adult or child) living in your home who is substantially and permanently disabled you could be entitled to a reduction.  The reduction is made by charging council tax at the valuation band below the one the property is in. For example if your property is in band D, the council tax bill will be worked out as if it were in band C. This reduction also applies if your home is in band A.

The property must have one of the features shown below and this must be essential or of major importance to the disabled person’s wellbeing.

  • An extra kitchen or bathroom for the particular needs of the disabled person
  • Any other room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or toilet and is mainly used by the disabled person
  • Enough indoor space for the disabled person to use their wheelchair (the wheelchair must be needed by the disabled person for day to day living.)

Empty Property
If you own a property no-one is living in you may get a discount if:

  • The occupier has gone to another person’s home to give or receive care.
  • The occupier is in a hospital or care home.  (Fife Council Link)

Blue Badge (Fife Council Link)
The Blue European Parking Badge Scheme is a national scheme for those who have a permanent disability.   The scheme is administered by your local authority.

A blue badge is intended to help those who would be unable to visit public buildings, shops and other places unless they can park close to their destination.

Blue badges can be issued to adults, children or to organisations providing care. They can be used by badge holders who are drivers or passengers in any vehicle.